I tried to get a Nanodegree

I tried to get a Nanodegree

As a self taught porogrammer, I have always wanted to have some sort of degree and I thought to myself getting a Nanodegree offered by Udacity seems like a great option; and then the opportunity presented itself to get one for free through Google Africa Challenge Scholarship.

Let me break it to you before moving forward, I did not get in, but don’t let that stop you from reading as it was definitely quite a big one for me and maybe you might learn something from my experience.

Google offers scholarship to deserving student to enroll on some 3 – months Udacity degree which can cost fromm $599 – $999 and sometimes move expensive, I have always wanted to get a Nanodegree but did not have that kind of cash lying arounf to take so I saw this offer by Google as an opportunity so I got accepted after writing an application to take part in some courses before I actually got enrolled as a requirement by Google.

I got accepted into the Google Android Track for Intermediate Skill Level, but the problem was that I am not an expert in Java as I do understand the basic level but it is not my language of choice. I am more of a JavaScript FullStack Developer but I believed I would be able to handle it.

We had to work on a few challenges but I think the reason why I did not get to the Nanodegree phase of the scholarship had to do with the final app I submit. Though it worked and did what it was suppose to do, it was kind of rushed and I did not make use of more of the new things I learnt from the earlier challenges for my final app submission that would have qualified me.

this phase was a 7 day challenge and I only got started on the fifth day and my i3 windows laptop did not make any fast as it kept freezing. It was quite crazy but I must say it was a rewarding experience.

I learnt a lot about Android Native development which would be a plus to my hybrid background but one thing I know for sure, in the future I am not gonna enrol in the Android track but would rather take part in some related to Web Development or React as I prefer working on those technologies.

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